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Where to sell used pipes?


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On 3/13/2023 at 1:06 PM, ampulito said:

Facebook and Kijiji are no go's for tobacco products so I need some suggestions on where to sell some of my pipes I don't use.

@ampulito What are you looking to sell?  High grade pipes or lower cost daily smokers?

if high end, it might be worth sharing on this forum??  If lower end, I don’t know… might be worth gifting to friends to introduce to the hobby (if interested).

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Lower end pipes. Couple of Brighams and a MM Wizard Cobbit. The Wizard cobbit was $45 USD and the Brighams $50 USD each new.

I have a bit (ok a lot) of OCD and don't like to keep things around I don't use ie minimalism. I've purchased some higher end Brighams I use weekly and just wanted to get rid of the cheaper ones.

Just find it a bit strange that there doesn't seem to be anywhere to sell pipes locally online because tobacco related products are forbidden.


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