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H. Uppmann Half Corona Review

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Hi all,

Today I was smoking the H. Uppmann Half Corona. It is a Petit Corona from Cuba. It is listed online as having a mild-medium flavour. Let's get into the smoking experience.

1st third: It was about 6:30 PM and I was in my backyard on the phone with my dad. It was a bit chilly and it was already quite dark despite it being early in the evening. I found the cigar to have a bitter and stronger flavour than I find with mild cigars usually. Maybe this cigar is closer to medium than mild.

2nd third: I found that there was a very mild pepper flavour and the flavour was generally smoother than the first third.

3rd third: As is common with cigars, the third third saw a smokier and heavier flavour, although it did not get as bad as with some other cigars. I smoked it until I couldn't hold it comfortably without getting burned.

I thought the cigar was alright overall. I think it's a good cigar for the cold weather as you don't have to spend as long outside smoking it.

Aesthetics: 75/100

The cigar was pleasant enough in terms of aesthetics. It was a short parejo with a colour that I would describe as being Colorado. The band was a nice touch. It didn't have any particularly unique features but there was also nothing wrong with it.

Flavour: 70/100

The flavour was ok for me. I did find it to be a bit stronger than some of the cigars I smoked recently, and stronger than I had expected. It was pretty bitter at the beginning but it did get smoother.

Construction: 80/100

I think the cigar was well constructed. I did not notice any flaws such as cracks in the wrapper, and the draw was actually better than some other cigars that I have smoked; I found that the draw was consistent and gave me enough smoke and flavour. I did find that the cigar burned pretty unevenly but it could've been an error on my part.

Overall rating: 75/100

Smoking time: 30 mins












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