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Rocky Patel 1990 Vintage Broadleaf Review

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Hi all,

Today I am writing a review for the Rocky Patel 1990 Vintage Broadleaf.  This is a cigar that has been aged 12 years, and its leaves are from Nicaragua.  It is a Maduro colour so I was hoping for some sweetness.  The cigar is rated generally as mild to medium flavour.  It is a torpedo which is the first cigar I have had that is not a parejo.

I was sitting in my backyard in the evening and the sunset was just passing, so it was nice to see some pink in the sky.  It was somewhat cool.  The aroma of the cigar was nice before lighting, just smelling of tobacco, and the dry draw tasted ok.  The flavour I found the most in the cigar in the first third was black pepper.

The second third was not very different from the first, it was a pretty smooth transition other than there being less of the black pepper flavour.  

The third third was pretty usual, the cigar became smoky and harsh.  I smoked it until close to the end and found some notes of spice just as I was getting ready to finish. 

I tried to stick to the one puff per minute rule that I saw somewhere to regulate my speed but the cigar kept going out so I gave up.  I did try drinking a pop with the cigar as I got nic-sick last time and that was a recommendation for a solution.  It prevented me getting nic-sick until very close to the end.
Aesthetics 90/100
A beautiful cigar, the torpedo is really cool to look at, I like the colour of the wrapper, and it was quite well constructed.  The brand label is pretty too.
Construction 80/100
I think it was well constructed.  The draw at first was not great and I did have to light it multiple times but I am not sure if having to re-light is considered a construction error.  There were no cracks and it burned evenly until the third third.
Flavour 60/100

I found that the flavours that were present in the cigar that I could recognize (black pepper and generally spices) are flavours that I have found in a lot of other cigars.  I didn't really find the flavours super compelling, although they were certainly not bad.
77/100 overall
I would recommend this cigar to someone who wants to try an aged cigar that is nice to look at and feels atmospheric.  I would not recommend it if flavour is the primary or only thing that interest you, though, as I did not find it all that special in that regard.





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